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O.J. Simpson In Jail For Life?
by Gigi Iam

What is this world coming to? With O.J. Simpson in prison, if he should go, what will the rest of us do with ourselves? Do we really need a long drawn-out trial revolving around O.J.? Oh my goodness when will the madness end? What about Third World countries that need our attention like:

1. Timor-Leste South-East Asia
2. Malawi Eastern Africa
3. Somalia Eastern Africa
4. Democratic Republic of the Congo Middle Africa
5. Tanzania Eastern Africa
6. Yemen Middle East
7. Burundi Eastern Africa
8. Afghanistan Central Asia
9. Guinea-Bissau Western Africa
10. Ethiopia Eastern Africa
11. Niger Western Africa
12. Liberia Western Africa
13. Sierra Leone Western Africa
14. Madagascar Eastern Africa
15. Zambia Eastern Africa
16. Eritrea Eastern Africa

These are the poorest of the poor: Africa, Latin America, Oceania, and Asia. Third World countries are also known as the developing countries, and underdeveloped countries in academic circles. The very term therefore implies that the Third World is exploited and its destiny is a revolutionary one.

The economically underdeveloped countries common characteristics, such as poverty, high birthrates, and economic dependence on the advanced countries were often nations that were colonized by a European nation historically.

Once vibrant and wealthy, these Third World countries have been stripped of its wealth. For the Third World belongs neither to the industrialized capitalist world nor to the industrialized communist bloc.

As people of The First World what part do we play in the big scheme of things? Even some parts of the United States suffer from poverty. Individuals, families and communities are deprived of or lack the essentials for a minimum standard of well being and life.

Let us put these stories on our front pages and in the news, to bring more awareness and attention to them. Awareness brings about consciousness and consciousness brings about realization and realization brings about understanding and understanding brings about compassion and compassion motivates you to take positive action.

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