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7 Secrets of Success

"Fine Tuning"
Gigi Iam
Copyright 2003-2013 All Rights Reserved.

The human body vibrates because of energy, similar to three
dimensional form. The body receives and sends radio frequency
waves; what channel you are tuned into will determine your end
results (what you will get.) You can change the channel of your
own free will if you do not like what you are receiving, however, if
you do like what you are receiving, but the signal is faint, you
can adjust and fine tune your channel to tune in more clearly
until you have a full motion picture, with sound and special
effects, emotions, passion and high energy all being transmitted
to you, and emitting from you. You are emitting energy vibrations
constantly, it's natural. However, you can learn to control the
energy you give off by using your awareness and source of power.
Your source of power is either negative energy or positive

Both negative and positive energy work like magnets. Using negative
energy will give you negative results. Using positive energy will give
you positive results, it's that simple. Learning to tap into the energy
source that we desire, is the skill that we desire to perfect.
Positive and negative are opposites and therefore, can not be used
at the same time in any given moment. Instead, if you are feeling
down and negative turn that negative energy around and make it
work for you like rocket fuel. Switch gears over to positive
energy and give yourself a turbo-boost. Hold it there for as
long as you can. You must practice and prepare using mind over
matter daily until it becomes second nature. Eating healthy and
drinking plenty of water also helps.

Focus in on positive energy at a high frequency level. Negative
energy is a natural resource, we must readjust and fine tune our focus
on positive energy until it becomes our natural energy resource above
and beyond the negative. There will always be both negative and
positive. Fine tune your focus. As you send out energy, so does
everyone else around you, this includes animals, plants, and objects.
This is why you either get bad vibes (vibrations) or good vibes
(vibrations) from someone or something (objects); animals and plants
are included. It takes clear focus and sharp awareness to know what
energy frequency wave you are truly tuning into. And again you can set
your own personal station, you can change your channel to receive the
type of energy you desire at any time, by focusing into the source that
you desire that energy to come from.

This energy is what vibrates off of you, as well as what radiates from
your pores. In other words, you reek of either negative or positive
energy whether you realize it or not, (for example, someone drinks a
pint of vodka and then tries to drink mouth wash to cover the smell,
however another person can smell the vodka coming from that persons
skin, or take for instance someone that is Anointed sings a song and
radiates energy that lifts up everyone that is in that person's
presence.) So, how about fine tuning in to your positive energy
source, this way you will know truly for yourself what you are passing
on to other's in every sense of the meaning. Be in total body
awareness of yourself. Focus in.

The Moon gives off energy and it vibrates its energy out, the Sun
gives off energy and it vibrates its energy out, and so does the
earth, air, fire, and water all sending out its energy vibrations.
The Universe provides. Keep in mind, there is a large resource of
negative energy readily available and easy to obtain to everyone and
anyone, and it is powerful. Negative energy is easily received because
there is so much of it floating around and absor-bing into your pores,
its nothing that you have to work at except for ridding yourself of
it. However, positive energy in its raw pure true form is more
powerful than anyones imagination can conceive. Positive energy will
take you to great heights, positive energy will cause the impossible to
become possible, but one must tune into the positive energy resource
and this must be developed through our focus, through our fine tuning
in on this natural energy raw pure source.

Positive energy is also readily available for the taking. It is
as simple as lining four apples up on a table, three of the apples are
rotten to the core and one apple is pure, bright and shiny, good for
the taking. You can see the good apple; it's clear to you which apple
is good. Which apple will you reach out for? What is your first
impression? What are your instincts? Do you even pay attention or
listen to your instincts? Honestly, which apple will you reach out
for is the question. I know that I for one, am reaching for the apple
that is pure, bright and shiny, and taking of it, period, no questions
asked. If I was in a room filled with rotten apples, I would seek out
that one good apple for the taking (think Anointed). It wasn't always
like that for me, but I have learned from my past bad experiences and
I choose not to repeat them. I choose to live in a conscious state of
awareness, fine tuning into the positive energy source that is free
flowing. I do have to keep myself balanced.

Focus, meditate, pray for what you desire, speak authority into your life
and expect the best, reject what you do not desire. Do not accept just
any old thing and it will go away from you. Take care of your body,
mind, and spirit (instrument). Fine tune your body, mind, and spirit
(instrument). Cleans your body, mind, and spirit (instrument) and
cleans everything that is in your immediate radius (area) zone. Give
good vibes (vibrations). Radiate positive energy, plug into natures
Universal power source. Think big, think mighty, think increase.

7 Secrets of Success

Articles & Poetry by Gigi Iam

Why War of the Worlds!
by Gigi Iam

High technology today and that which is coming has been foreseen for sometime. We must educate ourselves and our children for generations to come. Being prepared to handle shifts and cope is of the utmost importance. Fear stifles. We must keep our minds open for great possibilities. We must move forward, creating empowering results and solutions to challenges. We must work together to advance as a people, as a whole. Keeping our humanity, and love intact. We truly all are one.

With different groups telling you different frightening stories . . . there's not enough, you're doomed. Disease is taking over, sickness, death will consume you. Murder is spreading like wildfire. What are you going to do? Where are you going to go? Planet Earth, some call it 'hell on earth', others' call it 'heaven on earth'. How do we make it better? How do we come together?

A key solution is to create focus and awareness on our strengths collectively and individually. Let's develop and have group sessions all over the world educating from the youngest to the eldest training leadership skills, coping skills, anger management skills. What's new is that we'll actually be working together in a mass effort to make change that does make a difference. I like to think of it as a movement. It is a movement. Let's be healthy from deep within teaching our babies from infancy, better yet teaching them from conception, even before conception, preparing their way.

Let's take responsibility for our part and contributions to our planet remembering cause and effect. Every cause has an effect. Every choice has a consequence. If we walk into a room, a space, a place, let's make it better before we leave. Let's each do our part, that's what it will take. That's a start! It's just that simple. We have much to do. However, we are a strong people, resilient, powerful. We can do anything we put our mind to.

Copyright © 2007-2011 Why War of the Worlds by Gigi Iam All Rights Reserved.

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