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Racism Comes Out of Hiding--Big Time!!
by Pearl Jr.

As an activist, I'm constantly discussing the impact of racism in today's society. What has become more apparent is that most Black people are either spewing a what's the use mentality in trying to combat racism or some simply say they are too tired to fight anymore against injustices. My response is we better get some energy, some unity, some love of self, and take some responsibility for ourselves and our children's futures.

It is my hope that this month has represented the need for a wake up call towards putting some enthusiasm back into the mindsets of many people. Here are some of November's happenings:

~Michael "Kramer" Richards has been caught on tape ranting racist remarks loudly and boldly in front of a public audience in a comedy club in Los Angeles using the N word as if it was some type of mental exhale to finally spew what he has been dying to vent. He not only used the N word several times but also talked about lynching and the power of the White man to do what he wants with Niggers, like get them arrested. Due to this, I vow to never watch another episode of Seinfeld ever again. I didn't like the character Kramer anyways because he always seemed to annoy me with his overacting.

~OJ Simpson's book and TV show promotion of a murder of two people that he was acquitted of legally committing but was found responsible of civilly killing is a contradiction in our legal system, is a shameful plot to make money. To just think that News Corp., owned by Rupert Murdock, was even considering such a disgusting possible re-enactment of some terrible murders, tells about the pure greed of the media to do whatever makes them a few bucks.

~On the Donny Deutsch Show, talk show host Chris Matthews is either purposely or ignorantly talking about Black people saying they are today's superheroes. Does Chris not realize the terrible condition the Black race is in with highest incarceration rates of Black men and women in US history, a 50 percent Black drop out rate of high school student, the rising and alarming epidemic of HIV/AIDS cases in the Black community, the growing poverty statistics, the high unemployment rate of Blacks in the inner cities that aren't even calculated in these distorting low unemployment rates, the disastrous health deterioration of Black people, the rising number of single mother households, and the lowest rate of Black on Black marriages? Damn I could go on and on with the problems in the Black community and Chris Matthews says if there were a superman today, he would surely be Black as if to say racism is a thing of the past. Mr. Matthews must be focusing on the success of Tiger Woods, Barak Obama (the ONLY Black senator in the US senate out of 100 US senators) Oprah Winfrey (one of two on Forbes Fortune 400 richest people, which is less than 1 percent of that list), and talented athletes such as Michael Jordan. Does he think a few winning Black people represent the entire Black race? Who the hell is he trying to convince that racism doesn't exist? I call what he reported is putting the American public in the trick bag by using a few high profile, some call token, Black people as representatives of Black progress. Well Chris, there has always been a few Black winners. As a matter of fact, the percentage of successful Blacks is virtually the same as it was about 100 years ago, i.e., Frederick Douglas, Madame CJ Walker, Jack Johnson, and Black business owners, which was higher 60 years ago than it is today.

~Black Entertainment Television's (no longer Black- owned) Hip Hop Awards Show was a totally disgraceful promoting of thuggish behavior. Dignifying Black women as stripper hos with poles on stage and Snoop prominently displaying blue crip gang colors with Black women giving his man-ass a pedicure while sporting a six year old girl's hairstyle is giving a message that leads to confusion, immaturity, failure, despair and too many times, death. Snoop has been lying to (Black) America about the real consequences of bad behavior for over a decade and just turned up his game on the American Music Awards to include a performance that fills the stage with raining dollars to completely lead the naively impressionable Black male into participating in a lifestyle to which nearly all will lose. Snoop's whole get up sensationalizes the worse that life has to offer. And we are celebrating as if that is the way to win in life and he's some type of superhero; when in reality he is a puppet who is pimping his own people for the sake of continual Black inferiority. Hip-hop has most definitely put us in the trick bag. Nearly everyone of us has paid for the promotion of gang violence and promiscuous behavior by spending our dollars on this filth and watching their videos. Damn have we lost our minds to honor this type of degradation? I'm calling a spade a spade because this must stop or our children will suffer worse fates than our generation and the generations before us. NEGATIVE HIP HOP HAS DONE MORE DAMAGE THAN THE KKK AND THE SKINHEADS COMBINED!

Are Blacks going to allow the growing powerlessness of the Black race to continue? Are Blacks going to continue to financially support negative rap crap to completely demolish the Black race, with their promotion of the foulest behavior being glamorized into a positive attribute?

Well, I do wish with all my heart that Black people start getting un-tired and un-beaten down and start doing something to stop our obvious downward spiraling.

Each of us can boycott those Black men that promote the devaluing of Black women by not purchasing anything they are selling and by not watching or listening to any media outlet that promotes negative messages in music or images that are NOT in our best interest. This is something we can all do and it will not put your job in jeopardy. It doesn't entail anyone to march or confront racism. What each one can do is simply stop making those who disrespect us rich. Don't spend your money on anything that puts those who harm and promote degradation wealthy so to continue to dignify our own pain and sorrow. Please throw out all that negative hip-hop recordings and do not purchase any of that trash music, even though the beats are jamming-it's a diversion.

Activism has worked to convince the owner of Fox, Rupert Murdock, to ax the OJ Special and book. Also by making phones calls and writing letters demanding an apology has forced comedian, Kramer, to make a nationwide apology, yet the jury is still out about his future in show business. Believe me, if we want to stop being victims and start being problem-solvers, the internet is very useful. It's now easy to send complaint letters. Always keep in mind, that where no money is being made, then no product will exist. We have the power to denounce all that does not uplift us by not spending our money on it. ACTIVISM WORKS!

I urge everyone to read my book, Black Women Need Love, Too! To learn what else we can do to save ourselves and invite much needed Black men back into the race family to be the providers and protectors they were born to be. We have to participate in our own salvation. It's not hard. Just make decisions that are based on our BEST INTEREST and then magically you'll start seeing our upward climb.

For you or a loved one, buy "Black Women Need Love, Too" this holiday season so you won't be cold and alone next holiday season!"
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