Articles by Gigi Iam

Articles by Gigi Iam

What Black Means and Being Black
How the Meaning of Black is
Changing from Negative to Positive

by Gigi Iam

Okay let's get real about nationality starting with Black people, or today African Americans. This might seem harsh for some to handle, however I didn't make this stuff up. The term black in the dictionary means this:

Black is the color of objects that do not emit or reflect light in any part of the visible spectrum; they absorb all such frequencies of light. Although black is sometimes described as an "achromatic", or hue-less, color, in practice it can be considered a color, as in expressions like "black cat" or "black paint".

Black: Commonly represents - lack, evil, darkness, bad luck, crime, mystery, silence, concealment, elegance, execution, end, chaos, death, and secrecy.

Source of definition

Black man - a man who is Black
Black woman - a woman who is Black
colored, colored person - a United States term for Blacks that is now considered offensive
darkey, darkie, darky - (ethnic slur) offensive term for Black people
jigaboo, nigga, nigger, nigra, coon, spade - (ethnic slur) extremely offensive name for a Black person; "only a Black can call another Black a nigga"

Okay beautiful people, family, is it not shocking?! The term Black can be very offensive. Look up the original writers of the dictionary and you'll understand the racism behind the definition, including the Black and White codes. Well that is another entire subject that takes time, let's stay focused.

Finally the meaning of Black is changing from negative stereotypes to positive, equal and human. It is long over due:

This will mean employment increase for Black Women and Black Men, marriage increase for Black Women. Significant financial increase for Black Women in Hollywood due to being cast in leading roles with audiences embracing the Black Woman of any complexion, however especially the dark to brown skin tones. The improved image of the beautiful, smart, sexy, intelligent and feminine Black Woman equates to more hiring of Black actresses, (this is much needed) resulting in more hiring of the Black Woman worldwide. How the Black Woman is seen in America is a very important matter and powerful.

The controversial N word has gotten much attention and in some ways the piercing hurtful sting of the original meaning has changed for some people, and the N word no longer has the same effect as it once did. For many the murderous meaning has not faded at all it has simply been pushed under the rug. There is hope however, that the N word will be done away with entirely and our Ancestry honored. Just say No to the N word and the notorious B word.

Halle Berry's speech after winning an Oscar: It was an awesome moment for Halle Berry. I love her, however correction must be told and credit given where it is due. Halle Berry said that the door is open now. Well, actually the door has been open a long time ago with wonderful people like Harriet Tubman; it has just been a slow long process of progress. Now, today the speed of progress for Blacks is increasing faster and it is increasing steadily and consistently. We need leaders to step up to the plate and especially African American Black Men for our youth and nation. We need them to honor African American Black Women as the Queens that they are and let it be known to the world.

The first African American woman to win an Oscar was Hattie McDaniel for her performance as "Mammy" in Gone With the Wind (1939). Hattie McDaniel was an amazing woman! The second African American woman to win an Oscar was Whoopi Goldberg...yes Whoopi won an Oscar before Halle. Halle Berry is actually the third African American woman to win an Oscar. Congratulations to all these beautiful Black African American Women.

First, second, third... what really matters is that negative stereo types and barriers are being broken. African American Women are making progress and the image of the Black Woman is changing from the negative stereo typical ugly, bad hair, angry, maid, mammy, loud mouth, big nose, big lips and unloved black girl and changing to the empowered, accepted, gentle, kind, loving, supportive, gorgeous, talented, smart, sexy, sensual, receiving and very much loved feminine proud confident Beautiful Woman. With Halle Berry, Whoopi Goldberg and Hattie McDaniel winning Oscars, it shows how African American Women (Women of Color) are beautiful, talented, gifted, accepted and loved by all nationalities. It also shows that it has indeed taken a long time, but no matter, the love towards Black Women is on the rise. The sensual classiness and feminine sexiness of Black African American Women is attractive universal.

Black Women had been portrayed as 'the angry black woman' with no sensuality or emotional passion. We can go on and on about how that portrayal is limited, untrue and so on. With the changing of time comes the changing of mind and the new image of the African American Black Woman is softening and changing to match that of any top rate, first class, notable woman. The wonderful make-over of the new African American Woman is one of a kinder, gentler, feminine Black Woman who is supportive of her man, willing to let him lead, protect and provide for her and the family structure. The tremendous damage that old movies of the past and the media had done against the Black Woman is finally being lifted, it is finally changing and negative mind-sets are being broken, people in general are seeing less color and more humanity. Our society is changing into a diverse multicultural community.  

We are becoming the Multicultural society that we truly are, and a society that is much more accepting of others. The racial lines and stereo types are fading, allowing all people to see the true stunning features of the Black African American Woman all over the world, no matter the complexion or hair texture or body types or nose shape. It's encouraging! This new image will empower young Black girls growing up to be accepting of themselves. It will instill self-love. This kind of Love is amazing and, although long over due, it is gratefully here. Acceptance is here to stay and growing. Black Women and young Black girls are going natural with their hair realizing that all hair is good. The gorgeous, intelligent, (Beautiful & Smart) feminine African American Black Woman has always been here, the acceptance of her is rising rapidly, she is worthy and deserving.

It is time to change the standard meaning of Black in the dictionary to reflect that of our growing and changing society.

The New Definition of Black:

Black is the color of purity. Brides wear black in many countries, because black symbolizes a virgin. Black means kindness. In many cultures black is worn at funerals and means a passing from one life into a new life. Black is Monday's color. Black daisies are a symbol of loyal love.

Black Energy

Strictly speaking, black is not a color, but the manifestation of the presence of all color - the complete energy of light. It stands for wholeness and completion. In many cultures it represents openness and truth. Black is regal quality. It can provide clarity as its energy is complete.

Black has purification vibrations and can be used to clear blocks from your path.

It holds the potential to move toward every other color and this makes it a good choice for new beginnings, and development in any direction.

Black is beautiful. Black is power. Black is sexy. Black is wealth.

The next African American Black Woman that you see, give her a hug, tell her that you care, touch her hair, feel the texture in your hand, know that it's God Almighty's plan to advance, to prosper.

About the Author
Gigi Iam lives in California, producing television, multimedia broadcast, informing, empowering, transforming, inspiring and entertaining this generation and generations to come.

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