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Beauty and Fashion Tips

Hi Friends,

One of the best beauty tips I can give you is to drink plenty of H2O. Drink at least 8 glasses of water a day. If you were to drink two glasses of water with each meal it could be done, and remember there are many water substitutes such as: hot herbal tea, broth soup, fruit, natural popsicles, almond and vanilla, or chocolate soymilk (try it you might like it).

H2O is a cleansing agent and will flush out the toxins from your system. Within weeks of drinking plenty of water on a regular basis you will notice a difference in your complexion. A brighter, clear, smoother complexion; the whites of your eye's will be whiter.

During the detox period give yourself stream facials once a week for approximately 4 to 6 weeks, no longer. Be careful not to burn yourself. Use a light lotion, water base, nothing heavy to clog up your pores.

Another tip is to look into the mirror with absolutely no make-up on and see the beauty that is in you. Tell yourself how beautiful you are, and examine your skin, see the flaws and accept each and every mark. Kiss each scratch, every scar; really look at yourself and send loving thoughts to your skin. Use your eyes, make eye contact. Pucker up your lips.

Embrace your face with your hands. Now do this to the rest of your body completely naked in front of a full length mirror. Dance, sing, shout for joy! Do this every day until it becomes routine. Love you for who you are.

When you dress, make sure that whatever you wear looks good on you. Even if its jeans and a t-shirt, it ought to look good on your body. Do not wear clothing that is too tight for you. Do not wear clothing that is too big for you. Wear clothing that enhance your figure no matter what size you are. If you are over weight and you do not like it, lose the weight. If you do not feel good in certain clothing, do not wear it. Make sure that the colors you choose to wear work with your complexion. Trust your first impression.

The best outfit is a confident attitude. Confidence is sexy.


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