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Gigi Iam
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Gigi's Profile: Entrepreneur, TV Producer, Singer, Songwriter & Music Producer, Talk Show Host, Model & Actress (Boomerang)
Born with inherited natural good looks, gifted talent, magnetism and eternal youth, with her dynamic and electric presence Gigi magically draws you into her world and you become a part of it.
Birth Name: Gigi, named after the famous award winning novel, stage play and award winning movie Gigi.
Multi-Talent: Gigi Iam
Hometown: Chicago, IL
Birthday: October 17th
Star Sign: Libra
Height: 5'8"
Size: 6
Eyes: Brown
Race: American; African-American, Europe (and 1% American-Indian-Cherokee)
Role Models: Oprah Winfrey, Michael Jackson, Sarah Brightman, Leontyne Price, Bill Gates, Tina Turner, Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey, Beyonce, Dorothy Dandridge, Marilyn Monroe, Ella Fitzgerald, Diane Strong, Diana Ross and Sylvia Sass. (Above all, her grandmother whom she lovingly calls Big Mama)
Inspirations: Life, Love, Romance, Family, Friends and Fans
Best Features: Eyes, Smile, Legs & Feet
Favorite Colors: Yellow, Purple, Green, Red, Blue, Gold, Pink, Black, White
Success Formula: Faith, Family, Friends, Gratitude and Persistence
Loves: Singing, Writing, People, Entertaining, Performing, Music, Movies, Adventure, Travel, Art, Golf, Chest, Ballet, Belly Dance
Quote: "I am walking in Faith and my purpose and plans are manifesting right now". - Gigi Iam
Quote: "When I'm feeling undeserving I think about how much God loves me, and I'm reminded I can do all things through Him who strengthens me." - Gigi Iam
Quote: "Love life and live it loose, wild and free with self control." - Gigi Iam
Quote: "Likeability will get the check signed even before capability, however capability will keep your position." - Gigi Iam
Quote: "When doing what you love give it all you've got and watch your return increase." - Gigi Iam
Quote: "I hope to bring love, joy and happiness to my fans as I give from my heart with openness and passion, and emote with love." - Gigi Iam

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