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This dynamic, exciting, empowering program is reaching out to this generation and generations to come. Gigi Iam Show - GGTV Broadcasting Network

The Gigi Iam Show
Genre: Talk Show / Variety / Family Friendly
Running time: 30 min. (continuously in production)
Shooting format: Digital
TV Producer: Gigi Iam
Television Host: Gigi Iam
The Gigi Iam Show is an empowering, transformational, informational entertainment news magazine variety talk show series (EdutainmentTM). Hosted by the dynamic, lovely and sensational Gigi Iam. This dynamic, influential woman talks with many A-list celebrities, VIP, the Girl and Guy next door and many others. Often addressing subject matter that will advance individuals, youth, families and the community as a whole. She uses her platform to reach out to this generation and generations to come, bringing effective methods and solutions regarding issues that the general population deals with. Using entertainment through television, film, music, writing and the arts to empower. Gigi creates and produces television, film and music using positive, quality content to empower and change lives for the advancement, betterment, growth and enrichment of all.

The popular GIGI IAM SHOW on GGTV Broadcasting Network
and TIME WARNER Cable is an empowering entertainment news magazine variety talk show series that is entertainingly-dynamic, empowering, informative, inspirational, educational, fun and exciting. The Gigi Iam Show 'Quality Content' is receiving rave reviews with the Dynamic, Lovely and Sensational Gigi Iam bringing it to you 'like nobody else can'.
It is Phenomenal Entertainment!

About GGTV Broadcasting Network:
GGTV Broadcasting Network is the First Internet Television Broadcasting Network and it is African American owned. GGTV Broadcasting Network aim is to air excellent, outstanding entertainment that reaches the widest possible diverse audience and the widest possible market.
In addition, GGTV Broadcasting Network aim is to bring truth, healing and empowerment to the African American Heritage through our stories, images, lyrics and art form, causing effective powerful uplifting of the Mind, Body, Spirit and Soul.
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About Gigi Iam:
Gigi Iam is a Multimedia Broadcast Executive, Mogul In Training, Executive Producer, TV Producer, TV & Radio Personality and Host of The Popular Gigi Iam Show. Gigi is doing great thing's, working with great people.
For details see Gigi's Bio and Resume.

Our Television Broadcast is reaching more than 350,000 households, that means one million plus viewers and we are increasing rapidly. Airing on TIME WARNER Cable throughout Southern California.

We are worldwide via the Internet with the potential of reaching tens of millions of viewers on GGTV Broadcasting Network
(The First Internet Global TV Online and its African American owned). 

Our Platform:
The Gigi Iam Show offers a dynamic, exciting and electric platform-outlet to empower, educate, entertain, inspire, give how to's and inform viewers using positive influence, guidance, role models and proven techniques that our viewers are able to use, to help build an enriched and abundant good life, for individuals, families, communities and the world, through education, entertainment, television, film, music, high technology and all forms of multimedia broadcast, including internet and telecommunication.

Our Community Involvement:
"We break mindsets of poverty, low self-esteem and self-hate for those whom desire to grow. We build foundations of knowledge, self-love, self-healing, health and wealth"(TM).

Our motto is "Generational Wealth, Individual, Family, Community, The World"(TM).

We're reaching out to this generation and generations to come through empowering information, inspiration, education, entertainment, television, film, music, the arts, internet and high technology.(TM)

We are changing lives for the better, Now!
Making a Difference.(TM)

The Gigi Iam Show is Multicultural, diverse with huge African American, Hispanic, American Indian, Asian and Cross-Over audiences. We are rapidly expanding and growing due to our authentic quality content, the smiles we bring to faces and passion for the advancement of all people.(TM)

We are educating and informing individuals and the community, covering issues and subject matter that generate solutions, effective results, upward and forward progress and pro-active choices that add value and make a difference in the lives of many for the advancement of all.(TM)

We continually aim for excellence.(TM)

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'Boomerang' with Eddie Murphy: View clip of Gigi Iam in the classic film 'Boomerang' with Eddie Murphy, Robbin Givens, Halle Berry, Chris Rock, and Martin Lawrence.

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Watch the popular Gigi Iam Show on GGTV Broadcasting Network.
Check out this very special episode of an exclusive interview with legendary guest,
the very soulful & sexy R&B singing sensation Howard Hewett in HD Full Length

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Executive Vice President of the Independent Film & Television Alliance and Managing Director of the American Film Market Jonathan Wolf,
The most famous dad with the most famous family in the world Mr. Joe Jackson and many others.
Gigi and Mr. Joe Jackson pictured above on The Gigi Iam Show at NATPE 2006. Gigi and Jonathan Wolf on The Gigi Iam Show at the AFM. Gigi in the Studio with Filmmaker, Director Michael Marks"Angel of Hate," and Award Winning Animators, Filmmakers and Twin Sisters Shawnee Gibbs and Shawnelle Gibbs.
Fred (the Hammer) Williamson, an American Icon interviewing with Gigi. Former Commando Marine (Navy SEAL) and World Kickboxing Champion Olivier Gruner Olivier Gruner and Gigi on location on The Gigi, Inc Show.
Marques Johnson and Gigi.
The original M.J. Johnson is currently a sports analyst for Fox Sports. Johnson and Gigi talk about empowerment on The Gigi Iam Show. The awesome Bishop Edward Turner the creator of Community Day speaks about his mission and vision with Gigi on The Gigi Iam Show.


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Featured Entertainment Industry Professionals:
Tim Greene, Pearl Jr., Michael Marks


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