The Artist with The Diamond Voice

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His Eye Is On The Sparrow - God Bless The Child - ACB Praise Band praise lead singer:
Lord You Are Good

- Gigi can sing anything, any genre.

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Soprano - Mezzo Soprano - Alto - Whistle Register

GIGI SONGBIRD- Singer, Songwriter

"The Artist with The Diamond Voice"

GIGI's diamond voice mesmerizes you, her presence dazzles you.

GIGI hailed from Chicago, Illinois originally. Relocating to New York for a career as a Professional Model and Actress; currently living in California pursuing a career in music. GIGI studied classical music growing up nurturing and developing an innate-gifted voice and five octave vocal range, effortless high E, and recently expanding her range reaching high F#, including the Whistle Register.  With a powerful, angelic, fiery and soulful sound, GIGI sings Gospel, Funk, Classical, Jazz, Pop, Soul and R&B.

Born to sing, perform and entertain, with a great love for a wide spectrum of music, and having a deep passion for singing, performing and songwriting every since she was a little girl, GIGI embraced 'the arts' very early in life. Groomed for a career in modeling as a teenager GIGI started modeling professionally in New York and Europe.

Getting back to her musical roots, and first love GIGI began pursuing singing as a profession a few years ago. Majoring in Music, GIGI decided to go back to school to continue her education and training. Recently earning her degree at the University of California, Berkeley in all area's of Music with a focus on Vocal Performance, Composition and Songwriting.  "I hope to eventually obtain my PhD in Music. I intend to become a Music Scholar." ...GIGI

With a Diamond Voice that is filled with angelic power, heartfelt soul, emotion and feel-good uplifting spirit, GIGI radiates great emotion, passion and tenderness, connecting with and touching the hearts of her audiences. GIGI is singing live for raving audiences at Hertz Hall in Berkeley, California and in the Los Angeles area performing with GLACC, the UCChoir and Messiah Baptist Gospel Choir setting her sights on expanding to other cities.

It is clear to see that GIGI is quickly on her way to realizing her dreams of being an all around successful professional performing, touring & recording artist and songwriter in the music business, entertaining and enriching people around the world.

This spring 2017 GIGI traveled to Berlin, Germany making her debut in the ACB Praise Band as one of the lead praise singers starting her global performances for international audiences.

"Singing Speaks to the Spirit and Soothes the Soul, Connecting Hearts."...GIGI

Inspired by such legendary artists as Anita Baker, Jodeci, K-Ci & JoJo and the great

  Michael Jackson.

GIGI has held onto her dream of one day being known as one of the great Icons.

"I have turned my dreams into my goals, I'm a professional paid working singer-songwriter. I am aiming for longevity in the music industry, professionally singing and songwriting in a copiously tangible way." ...GIGI

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"A gifted talent, GIGI is irresistible..."
"A credible beauty with enormous talent and unbridled energy."
--Infinity Amazing Management Entertainment

Worldwide Universal TM. 

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GIGI recently Graduated from the University of California, Berkeley and is working in the studio developing her new album.

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GIGI SONGBIRD - Singer, Songwriter

"The Artist with The Diamond Voice"


University of California, Berkeley Alumna Gigi Songbird

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