GMI PRODUTIONS TM produces its own music and television programming, cable, and film projects. We specialize in telecommunications. Our productions cover all areas of art form such as acting, music, singing, spoken-word, poetry, dance, writing, sports, etc. Artists and performers vary in age from the very young to the young at heart.

In addition to broadcasting we produce live performances and stream via the Internet.

Which include performing for: Elementary Schools, Colleges, Universities, Community Centers, Hospitals, Churches, Libraries and other organizations. Providing uplifting entertainment and fun educational entertainment for the whole family, while addressing important concerns and presenting solutions to challenges we all face. GMI Productions has the goal of bringing a high level of energy, fun, excitement, inspiration, education, spirit and love through entertainment to the world, which we are hopefull that we will all learn and grow from.

Our slogan is, "WE'RE BRINGING IT TO THE PEOPLE." And that's exactly what we're doing!!!

GMI PRODUCTIONS TM is committed to the cultural enrichment and creative development of all involved, also to provide a positive view of ourselves and the world we live in through drama, song, dance and writing:
1. Develop a love and appreciation of education through entertainment.
2. Enhance and encourage creativity;
3. Advance multicultural identity.
4. Promote personal health and safety; self-awareness and self-love.
5. Educate and liberate.
6. Commit to and focus on personal individual growth and development, as well as team work.
7. Bring a message of love, peace, hope, and truth.
8. Empower.
9. Generational Wealth.

GMI PRODUCTIONS TM is going into production on a new Internet Tv Show. "DNA": Stars Gigi Iam. For information check back soon for details.

GMI PRODUCTIONS TM goal is to produce successful work, to fascinate the audience as well as educate, entertain, empower, and inspire through music, drama, dance, writing and other art forms covering issues and subject matter that generate solutions, results and proactive choices that make a difference in the lives of many for the betterment of all, always producing quality content. GMI Productions continually aim for excellence!

Sign up to sponsor a production, make a donation, produce or executive produce. By doing so you are helping us to advance, grow and expand. By doing so you are taking a step towards becoming pro-active and participating in a good cause.

Accepting all donations or gifts large or small for our broadcast expansion, needed supplies, and necessary tools for production.

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GMI Productions

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