Partner with GMI Productions, Angel of Love Mission Movement

Partner with GMI Productions,
Angel of Love Mission Movement

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GMI Productions, Angel of Love Mission Movement: Generational Wealth
2018: It's The Year of Copious Blessings
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Dear Family, Friends & Fans,

About Partnership:

As a partner you are helping in our movement of positive entertainment through television. TeleVision that is innovative, informative, educational, transformational, inspiring, entertaining, fun and exciting! Music & TeleVision geared for todays generation and generations to come. We at GMI Productions are bringing a message of empowerment, advancement, enrichment, spirit and love to the world. We aim to ignite a new world way of thinking - "Generational Wealth." A new life style for those that have been with-out, under-privileged, poverty stricken, and considered the under-dog. We're reaching out to help and serve others.

Our ultimate objective is to establish centers worldwide for abandoned and abused children helping to assist children of impoverished and broken families, through our inspirational, empowering, and leadership training programs. This entails offering the opportunity of a fresh start in life through the centers support, care, education and training, as well as building centers for homeless families that will also offer training for coping skills in todays society. Which includes anger management training. Our intention is to use funding that will help assist us with the necessary tools to expand and develop our broadcast projects.

In addition to asking for your participation in our Angel of Love Mission Movement, we are also actively seeking and encouraging

Corporate and Individual Sponsorship Participation.
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Start where you are, help bring The Gigi Iam Show broadcast to your neighborhood and surrounding area by sponsoring this web page for our Angel of Love Mission Movement. Donate today make an instant donation.

We ask for your on going financial support. Kindly consider making a regular weekly, monthly, tri-monthly or yearly contribution. For your gift of $100.00 or more we will send you our popular Gigi Iam Show 'T-shirt'.

We are partnered with a wonderful fiscal non-profit sponsor Just Lovin' Music Studios, Inc and all your gifts and contributions are tax deductible. In addition, we are applying for our non-profit 501 ( c ) 3 status through our foundation "Angel of Love Foundation" TM. Read more about our fiscal non-profit sponsor JLMS, Inc.
Remember your donations are tax deductible.

We have already begun taking action in the implementation of our plans by using positive entertainment as a means to empower, inform, inspire and give to the community.

We greatly ask for your support and assistance in helping us achieve our goals. In doing so you are partnering with us and helping in our mission-movement. Thanking you in advance for your support. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

To mail donation please make all pledges out to: GMI PRODUCTIONS

Mail  your certified check or money order to: GMI Productions, P.O. Box 4205 Culver City, CA 90231-4205.

Donate today.

Thank you for your support.

We urge you to give as generously as possible and look forward to seeing you participate in a most worthwhile Angel of Love Mission Movement.

For more information on our sponsorship opportunities, kindly contact any of our qualified GMI Productions representatives. Contact Us

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Thank you again for your support.

This is the beginning of a very great, abundant and successful journey. We decree it!

Gigi's Commitment to You

As our Angel of Love Mission Movement Partner, our team will keep you informed, empowered and inspired. You will receive advanced notice of all visits and broadcasts to your area, and be invited to Partner Receptions at GMI Productions sponsored events. You will also receive exclusive VIP invitations to special Angel of Love Mission Movement related gatherings as scheduled throughout the year.

Thank you for being a blessing on a personally level and a blessing to our team at Angel of Love Mission Movement. I love you, and thank you in advance for your generous outpouring of love and support.

Yours truly,


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