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"The Gigi Iam Show is a dynamic, exciting, empowering Entertainment Talk Show series that is reaching out to this generation and generations to come. I am diligent and determined to accomplish my goal of being worldwide. Exhibiting at NATPE 2006 is a bona fided aim in that direction.
I L.O.V.E. It" -- Gigi Iam, Producer/Host of The Gigi Iam Show.

NATPE (National Association of Television Program Executives) 2006 is the only American market serving the worldwide television industry. Attending the annual conference January 24-26 under one roof at the Mandalay Bay Resort & Convention Center in Las Vegas are Television Industry producers, distributors, buyers, filmmakers, celebrities, deal makers, moneymakers, and much more. With a special note that Talk Shows are America's Apple Pie.

Content is King and The Gigi Iam Show delivers quality content, bringing a message of empowerment, spirit and love. Here are a few snapshots of upcoming coverage of NATPE 2006 to watch for on The Gigi Iam Show all being done while making deals. Stay tuned-in and keep checking back for more updates.

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More Press Releases

Jack Hanna

Jack Hanna with Gigi holding a baby kangaroo.

Jack Hanna and Gigi handling a wild snake.

Gigi interviews Darci of Darci Decorates

Gigi and Mr. Frank Mercado-Valdes

Gigi and Mr. Joe Jackson

Gigi with team members Gia Marie and Paul

Gia Marie, Management and Gigi, Executive Producer and Host of The Gigi, Inc Show

G-Team members include Gigi, Paul, Gia Marie, Steven and a few others not pictured here.

Gigi and G-Team member Ron

Scott Weisenfeld and Gigi

Mayor Ray Nagin, of New Orleans

President and CEO of NATPE Rick Feldman listening as each speak on Content

Gigi interviews Fred Williamson about his new show, he's helping clean up the streets of America.

Fred Williamson is the host of his new
Sexual Predator Alert No Where to Hide Show.

Gigi speaks with Mark Pedowitz, President of Touchstone Television - You've heard of him, "Desperate Housewives", "Lost", Grey's Anatomy."

American Idol on The Gigi Iam Show

John Martinotti, the Father of the World Music Awards talks about his world travels, building hospitals and supplying food and toys in starving countries, and staying focused with Gigi. 'Music is only a small part of the bigger picture,' says Gigi.

Singer/Songer Writer Mariah Carey was a big winner at the World Music Awards.

The World Music Awards International

Martha Stewart applying her John Handcock to her top selling Book

King World, home of Oprah Winfrey Sold Out

GIGI, INC Gigi Iam The Gigi Iam Show steadily increasing and was a phenomenal hit at NATPE 2006

Gigi, Joe Jackson, and singer Jessica Wynne

The Man with the Plan, Mr. Joe Jackson

You gotta have a hook. What's yours?

Las Vegas Baby! Champagne Wishes and Caviar Dreams ...

Jessica, Mr. Joe Jackson, and Gigi. "Tremendous, 2006 is a HUGE year for all of us. Fantastic. And so it is." -- Gigi Iam

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Breaking News: America Online is teaming with Mark Burnett Productions, creator of the "Survivor" series, to launch a broadband-based reality series called "Gold Rush!" The online program will feature contestants searching for hidden treasure across the U.S... NATPE benefits from WB/UPN spotlight The announcement that The WB and UPN would merge (WB + UPN = CW) came during the National Association of Television Program Executives convention -- which put the NATPE in the spotlight. "That's good for the convention, the industry and the community of cable and broadcasting," one cable executive said. "In the age of Internet, that just doesn't happen anymore. But here we were all responding in a communal way to this national news. Does this mean that they are finally starting to get what we always knew...Diversity. Yes indeed. Content providers will benefit from the increasing array of viewing options, from VOD to video iPod TV to broadband, according to "The Afterlife Panel" at the NATPE convention in Las Vegas. "The computer will be the aggregate of holding all of our stuff," said Diane Robina, president of Comcast-Sony Networks. "It's the place they are going. We have to find a way to get our brands there."

"Our viewers range from young to mature, multi-culture, they want to be entertained and informed, we are the new age... fun, sexy, hip, cool, intelligent, with spirit, fire and passion. We give quality content, our viewers want quality." -- Gigi Iam, Producer/Host, The Gigi Iam Show.

For all of you who are Howard Hewett fans come out and see his live performance and coverage on The Gigi Iam Show on Location Sunday, February 12th at 5:00PM. Call "Stevie's on the Strip's" located on Ventura Blvd for more details.

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