GMI PRODUCTIONS, GIGIIAM.COM is a full service, empowering, informative, transformational entertainment, production and merchandising company. Specializing in multimedia broadcast, broadcasting quality content. We are your source for innovative, empowering, creative entertainment music, news, variety, hot topics, information, education and secure shopping online. Our slogan is, "We're Bringing it to the People!" TM And that's exactly what we're doing. Our methodology is, "Generational Wealth! Individual, Family, Community, The World!"TM With Our Hot Entertainment Music & News Magazine Talk Show Series The Popular Gigi Iam Show, we're blazing hot! A wonderful exciting fun show for the entire family. Our popularity is rapidly expanding global. The BUZZ is on! The BIZ is on!

The Gigi Iam Show is your source for empowering, inspirational, informative and exciting entertainment...Edutainment!TM through our programming, messages, music, reality and stories we are reaching the masses. Our goal is to reach the widest possible audience and the widest possible market. Our viewers, clients, consumers and fans are receiving positive influence, quality substance and we are making a difference, changing lives to advance for the better. Music and Television Producer, Writer, Singer, Songwriter, Model, Actress (Boomerang), Radio Personality & Talk Show Host, Host of The Gigi Iam Show, the dynamic, lovely and sensational Gigi Iam is bringing it to you 'like nobody else can.'

The Gigi Iam Show is an entertainment, music, film, news magazine talk show series reaching more than 350,000 households, that means one million plus viewers. Broadcasting weekly on TIME WARNER Cable throughout Southern California on channel 24 and on channel 35 in Inglewood, we are rapidly expanding to the New York, Chicago, Atlanta and Florida markets. We are via YouTube and the Internet too, streaming live and on demand Internet Music & TV global with the potential of reaching tens of millions of viewers on GGTV Broadcasting Network! GGTV BROADCASTING NETWORK Guests include: VIP, A-list celebrities, Oscar winning actors, Tony winners, award winning artists, singers, athletes, activists, teachers, bands, instrumentalist, musicians, filmmakers, writers, directors, producers, authors, entrepreneurs, cake decorators, chefs, health specialists, specialized therapists and the girl and guy next door with unique stories to tell and much more.

GGTV BROADCASTING NETWORK TM: Great Generational TV Broadcasting Network TM is an Internet Music, TV, cable, television telecommunication multimedia providing empowering, positive entertainment focusing on a wide range of entertainment that includes the entertainment talk show format, education, the arts, entertainment news, movies, film, music, comedy, prodigy, animation, documentaries, independent short films, spirit, sports and politics. GGTV Broadcasting Network is the First Internet Music & Television Network and it is African American owned.

GGTV BROADCASTING NETWORKTM TM is an Internet Music, TV, cable, television telecommunication multimedia providing empowering, positive entertainment focusing on a wide range of entertainment that includes today's hot topics, celebrity interviews, the entertainment talk show format, education, the arts, entertainment news, movies, film, music, comedy, prodigy, animation, documentaries, independent short films, spirit, sports and politics.

About The Gigi Iam Show, "The Gigi Iam Show has its' own originality, style, creative innovation and quality content. The Gigi Iam Show is new on the Horizon. It is Fresh. It is Exciting! It is the real raw truth. People every where can relate to us, and that's what they want. We were No.1 in demographics on Time Warner Cable where we have grown, that's the important rating, as you know, the 18 to 189 age group and we will continue to grow, as we increase and expand to New York, Chicago, Miami, Atlanta and other cities all around the world." "Oprah is my mentor from afar, if Oprah can do it, I Gigi Iam can do it."

GIGIIAM.COM is committed to Diversity, Multicultural, African American, Hispanic, Asian, American Indian and Crossover Audiences. Viewers and Consumers all over the World are logging on. is bringing enrichment, empowerment, fresh innovation and creative development of programming, production and product to the masses. Providing a positive view of ourselves and the world we live in to our youth, communities, families, and the world through our television programs, productions, website, writing, lyrics, film, music, images, advertising, media, concepts, ideas, consciousness, new mind-blowing techniques, new technology and our out-reach mission movement.

Viewers Are Empowered & Enriched:

1. Develop a love and appreciation of education through entertainment.
2. Enhance and encourage creativity.
3. Advance multi-cultural identity and diversity.
4. Promote personal health and safety, self-awareness and self-love.
5. Empower, Inform, Educate and Liberate.
6. Commit to and focus on personal individual growth and development, as well as family and community.
7. Bring a message of love, peace, spirit and truth.
8. Encourage collaboration and team work.
9. Build Generational Wealth & Promote Sustaining a Solid Rock Foundation.
10. Enhance the value of knowledge and care.


Our mission is a movement of positive educational entertainment through music & television. Film, TV and Music that is innovative, creative, informative, fun and entertaining geared for today's generation and generations to come, lifting up the spirit of the downhearted, and all that seek the next level. Bringing a message of empowerment, spirit and love to inspire a new world way of thinking...Advancement & Abundance!

Our Mission Movement - "Generational Wealth - Individual, Family, Community, the World."TM A new life style for those that have been with-out, under-privileged, poverty stricken, and considered the underdog. We're reaching out to help and serve people, the downhearted, the inner cities, communities, and the world.

Our ultimate mission is to establish centers worldwide for abandoned and abused children helping to assist children of impoverished, downhearted and broken families, through our educational, inspirational, empowering, and leadership training programs. This entails offering the opportunity of a fresh start in life through the centers support, care, education and training, as well as building centers for homeless families that will also offer training for coping skills in today's society. Which includes anger management training. Our intention is to use funding that will help assist us with the necessary tools to expand and develop our projects. Our intention is to use our creative idea's, concepts, talents, gifts and skills to diligently implement our plans starting us with the necessary tools to bring empowerment, spirit, love, education, information and inspiration to impoverished communities and the downhearted worldwide.

We have already begun to put our plans into action through our television broadcast program The Gigi Iam Show airing throughout Southern California on Time Warner reaching over 350,000 households and via the Internet on GGTV Broadcasting Network; GGTV Broadcasting Network is broadcasting globally with the potential of reaching tens of millions of viewers. Another objective is to bring other quality content music and television programs to our network. As we expand and increase our territories we will have more leverage to bring about change, advancement, enrichment and empowerment to the youth in inner city communities, and communities all over the world.

MISSION STATEMENT - "Changing lives through empowering, educational and inspirational entertainment."

"GMI PRODUCTIONS serves persons of inner city, multi-cultural, African American, Hispanic, Asian, American Indian, Multiracial and Crossover communities through our influential empowering educational music and television cable, Internet music and television, Internet radio and our talk show series programs; and through our influential, empowering website, that provides informative information, real news, hot topics, inspiration, education and entertainment - 'Edutainment', through our multi-media broadcast and telecommunication using proven tools and techniques that help viewers advance, building a successful life. Our success is your success, your success is our success."


Introduction: Our Success Team firmly believes that GMI PRODUCTIONS has the winning formula with The Gigi Iam Show to go the distance and then some. With the capacity to become the leading information source programming both National and International for today's generation and generations to come. We are providing real substance and quality content to people fulfilling a need of high standard and excellence in the television industry that has been missing for years and years, making a difference in the lives of individuals, families and communities. One of our goals is to spread our vision throughout the United States, Africa and the World. Touching people of all cultures. With The Gigi Iam Show being a source of humanity for mankind, we have already begun to implement our plans. These resources and needs combined with a 'solutions and results' oriented staff that aims and targets the Demographic 'inner city communities', where we are able to make an impact and a real difference, combined with the collaboration and efforts of those persons in position to help support our vision through their talents, resources, good will and financial generosity. Our 'Success Team' is confident that we can and will successfully take on the challenges necessary to bring The Gigi Iam Show and all its entities to a new level, in this new era, causing a new vision to become a way of life - one of advancement, wealth, excellence, enrichment and empowerment for all people.

VISION STATEMENT - "GMI PRODUCTIONS will continue to create, develop and produce excellence through television, multimedia productions, telecommunication and programming releasing quality content and be the premier inspirational, informational, Educational Entertainment source for today's generation and generations to come worldwide."

Between 2008 and 2009, we will more than triple our annual number of audiences, viewers, clients and consumers we serve as well as triple the number of businesses we serve. By 2010 we expect to see positive effects of our broadcast throughout communities that are tuned-in. We will continue our mission for further growth and expansion. By 2011 - 2014 we expect our global connection to solidify its position amongst the top rank via internet to viewers viewing our TV and Radio broadcast around the world with verification of multiple millions of individual viewers logging on through their PC's onto our popular television and radio networks. By 2018 and beyond we seek and expect to continue building on an Iconic position to be one of the top 5% of successful full service music, television, cable, Internet and radio on major networks; online entertainment business, as well as a highly successful merchandising business."

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