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Other Things Working With the Law-of-Attraction
by Gigi Iam

Here are the other things that work together with the Law-of-Attraction causing it to work faster and more effectively. Understanding how LOA works and how to better use it to work in your favor is vitally important. Also important is knowing that LOA is at work at all times regardless of your being aware of it or not. So, you might as well be in-the-know.

When you use meditation together with the power of thought, high energy, passionate emotions, and strong feelings - and also when tapping into what is called your sixth-sense, a person can better use the Law-of-Attraction to absolutely manifest their desires (Getting what you desire instead of merely desiring what you get). Other laws at work are laws such as the Law-of-Gravity, the Law-of-Electricity and the Law-of-Physics. These laws have been proven to work and exist.

Also known to work when used are Intuition, Faith and Instinct, they all work. The Law-of-Attraction works. Use the Law-of-Attraction with caution, keeping in mind that the Universe Provides without judgment good or bad right or wrong (so, be careful what you ask for as they say).

Make sure to take time to notice and recognize that you are indeed receiving exactly what you want or need and give thanks. You can also call it Cause and Effect, Sow and Reap, Deal and Consequence.

Remember the force (energy) behind your initial desire (thought fueled with strong feeling and passionate emotion) is the level at which you will receive your manifestation.

Keep in mind that your deeper subconscious thoughts are the most powerful. If you know that deep down you have issues of some sort that are blocking you, set out to address these issues and clear yourself so that the real you can come shining through.

Now make a commitment to your purpose (goals) and focus on this. Next, write out a plan towards achieving your purpose, keep it simple or give it great detail. If you can, visualize your desire in your minds eye and meditate on it daily for about 10 to 15 minutes for at least 21 days. Shoot for 90 days, go for it, go outside of your comfort zone. 

I have a special 7 step formula for using the Law-of-Attraction to advance your life and I will share more of it with you in my next article. 

Next article find out how to 'Get What You Desire'.

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