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Murder by Mental Health Gone Wrong
writer Gigi Iam

My condolences go out to the family and friends of SWAT Officer Randal Simmons. I am very grateful for men and women like Simmons that risk their lives to saves others. Simmons and others like him are truly heroes and she-roes. I would like to personally thank everyone that took action to help save lives.

More needs to be done about those that are potentially dangerous and life threatening, especially when the danger is foreseen as it was in the case of Edwin Rivera who killed Simmons, in addition to three of his own family members. In the end Rivera was killed by an LAPD Sniper.

Many people that knew Rivera speak of him developing signs of "significant mental health problems" shortly after the death of his mother about a decade ago and that he had progressively gotten worse.

No one ever mentions that anything was done to prevent this tragedy from happening by addressing Rivera's issues and getting him the necessary support and help he needed in order to stop the very tragedy that happened.

There seems to be an increase in murder by mental health gone wrong. These individuals are just simply going on killing sprees. It is atrocious. We must take an active part in our families, children and communities for everyones over all health and wellbeing. Good mental health is a part of staying healthy.

One solution is getting involved to save our youth, and to teach and reinforce leadership skills, empowerment and coping skills, as well as anger management. All areas ought to be required courses in school, right along with music and math. As a whole we need to address the families concerns and focus on healing.

Let us be reminded that we are all vulnerable and must continue to uplift one another.

Next article find out how to 'Keep Your Good Sound-Mind'.

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