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Gigi Iam

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P. O. Box 4205, Culver City, CA  90231-4205


  • Highly skilled, qualified, passionate and dedicated singer-songwriter-composer-lyricist-musician, professional music teacher, multi-media executive, television producer, writer, creator, tv personality, talk show host, model, actress, marketing and sales executive offering an impressive background in the strategic leadership of national sales and specialty markets.

  • Exceptional understanding of national sales strategies. Able to provide comprehensive solutions and direction in cross-cultural environments. Able to provide vision with innovative idea's and creative concepts.

  • Computer proficient in a wide range of operating systems and software programs such as Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Project Manager, HTML, Final Cut Pro, Windows Movie Maker, AVS Tools, Web Design.


University of California, Berkeley Berkeley, CA

  • Graduated - Spring 2017


Areas of Expertise

  • Music

  • Multi-Media Broadcasting, TV Personality, Sales, Marketing, Growth

  • TeleVision Production

  • Telecommunication

  • National Account Development, Expansion

  • Strategic Planning

  • Over All Operations

  • Market Research & Feasibility Studies

  • Total Quality Management Procedures

  • Staff Leadership & Team Development



GMI Productions / Infinity Amazing Management Ent. New York, N.Y. {Relocated to California}

  • Devise strategies and formulate policies to ensure that objectives are met.

  • Maintain and implement the companies objectives.

  • Direct the operations of business administration.

  • Developed sales/marketing plan in support of management sales objective.

  • High level proficiency setting up and operating audio and video production equipment for multi-camera recording, and on-line post-production editing.

  • Coordinate, produce, script write, direct and edits the highest possible quality content.

  • Distribution of multi-media broadcast, product and service made available for use and consumption by viewers / consumers.

  • Increased viewership within 14 months by establishing quality content.

  • Supervise cash management activities, contracts, and the identification and reduction of gratuitous cost factors.

  • Manage the everyday duties of running an office, including equipment purchases and upgrades, and overseeing the central filing system, emailing correspondence and posting on internet.

  • Consistent ability to meet deadlines and prioritize while maintaining consistently high standards.

  • Proactive and tenacious approach to projects and challenges.

  • Adept problem-solver. Aim for excellence.

  • Proficient computer skills, keen to embrace new technology.

  • Company is currently expanding and increasing rapidly.

Director of Sales & Marketing / Management

T., INC Torrance, CA

  • National and International Sales of Titanium Prosthetics.

  • Generated $2.8 MM

  • Developed and implemented strategic sales and marketing solutions with financials to support increase in new business revenue.

  • Prepared annual updates to the marketing policy and assisted in preparation of annual fiscal plans.

  • Developed strategic sales and marketing plans.

  • Operations of Management.

  • Contributed to top-caliber sales professionals, and developed a team that was proficient in all levels of sales and marketing operations.

  • Arranged and scheduled out-of-town company marketing booths and promotions.

  • Developed promotional opportunities to increase income generation and sales, achieving an overall growth of 80% in the first year.

  • Implemented Import/Export of Merchandising


  • Just Lovin Music Inc Foundation Association

  • H.O.P.E. For Life Foundation Association

  • Community Day Entertainment Association

  • Beverly Hills SUCCESS Club - Winner's Circle Association


  • Music Teacher for Just Lovin Music Inc Studios

  • 5th Grade Academic Teacher for West Angeles Christian Academy

  • Professional Model for Bernard K. Passman Gallery (Jewelry & Museum)

  • Community Activist

ALPHA GAMMA SIGMA (Co-Ed Fraternity)

  • Alpha stands for Arete meaning "Excellence".

  • Gamma stands for Gnosis meaning "Knowledge".

  • Sigma stands for Sophrosyne meaning "Wisdom".


  • Awards: Outstanding Vocals

  • Scholarship: Study Abroad – Berlin, Germany


    Singer, Songwriter, Lyricist, Composer, Musician, Producer, Television Producer, CEO, Executive, Office Manager, Business, Operations, President, Marketing, Sales, National, International, OEM, Distribution, Product, Production, Development, Research, Logistics, Strategic, Market, P&L, Contracts, Negotiation, Diversification, Policies, Procedures, Educator, Nurturer, Standards, Standardization, Merchandising, Publishing, PR, Multi-Media, Telecommunication, Broadcasting, Reporting, Finance, Accounting, Public Relations, Consultant, Technology, Media, TeleVision, Host, Television Personality, Radio Personality, Influential, Energy, Water

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             Extensive Experience, Team Player, Self-Motivated.
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